Sep 02

Radical Agenda EP189 – Black Pill

I genuinely do hate to be the guy to ruin a celebration, but I seem to be in the minority of Trump supporters who is less than enthusiastic about the recent immigration speech. We were simultaneously told that illegal immigrants would have only one way to seek legal status – to return to their home country and reenter legally – and that after some number of years and some goals being accomplished, a “conversation” could ensue about what to do with those who remain.

Radical Agenda EP189 - Black Pill

Radical Agenda EP189 – Black Pill

This leaves the door open to a future amnesty, which serves no positive purpose whatsoever. Nobody who wants amnesty is going to vote for Donald Trump, so leaving this option open is a gift to his enemies and a slight at his supporters. Predictably, the media is running around calling him both a racist, and a flip flopper. He gained absolutely nothing.

It should of course go without saying, that this was nonetheless the greatest immigration policy speech in my lifetime and perhaps even the history of mankind. The US immigration policy as of late has essentially been to turn our country into a dumping ground for all the world’s problems, and the few restrictions the law had placed were hardly enforced. Trump didn’t just outline the policy, he articulated why the policy was necessary, and in addition to enforcing the laws on the books he proposed new ideas like sunsetting immigration laws.

But here is the sad fact of the matter, and our European friends should take note of this especially. Without removing the human time bombs that current immigration policy has invited, our civilizations are doomed nonetheless. The problem is not only illegal immigration, but legal immigration as well, and we are already being outbred by our invaders. Waiting years to deal with “otherwise law abiding” genetic time bombs while they breed like rabbits is suicide.

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  • Sam Cru

    Trump and Hillary are amnesty candidates. There is no choice on immigration.

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