Sep 05

Radical Agenda EP190 – Labor Day

I’m glad to be working today, because I hate celebrating communism. Good for you if you have the day off and all, but I despise these idiotic celebrations of “the worker” as if he were some kind of oppressed minority.

Radical Agenda EP190 - Labor Day

Radical Agenda EP190 – Labor Day

If you read about the origins of labor day, you’ll hear how horrible the conditions of American workers were, before labor unions came in and saved mankind from the forces of evil capitalists. Horrors such as 12 hour days, 7 day weeks, children working in factories, low wages, and unsafe conditions which were, shockingly enough, preferable to those workers than the alternative of not working. Good thing the labor unions came in and made that preferable activity illegal, eh?

And now, as union fueled left wing political activity forever increases the regulatory burden in the United States, and labor costs skyrocket while skills diminish, businesses flee the country looking for environments less hostile to business and we all stand around scratching our heads like “Why dun dey like ‘murica?”

It’s nothing against our particular piece of dirt, my fellow Americans. The problem is this idiotic notion of “workers rights” which somehow have eclipsed the rights of factory owners and other entrepreneurs. Our ridiculous notions of “fairness” are rapidly taking us from being the world’s strongest economy to a place less preferable to business than a third world country.

Instead of having the strongest, most innovative workforce in the world, we have the laziest, most entitled mob of gender studies and philosophy majors ever to destroy something so valuable as the US economy. Labor unions say we should thank them for weekends, for decent wages, for safe working conditions, and vacations, but that’s complete nonsense. What we can thank them for, is the extinction of American industry, and the ensuing collapse of our culture and economy.

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