Sep 07

Radical Agenda EP191 – Good News

It often seems things just keep on getting worse with no end in sight. Wars, lying politicians, cultural degradation, masculinity and femininity both falling into some strange and repulsive androgynous state of grey oneness. It’s enough to make you want to start a war sometimes.

Radical Agenda EP191 - Good News

Radical Agenda EP191 – Good News

Today however, seems quite different. I feel uplifted and optimistic. So many wonderful things are happening and I feel hopeful.

For example, a Black Lives Matter ringleader from Ferguson has been found dead in a burning car with a bullet in his worthless skull. Darren Seals describes himself on Twitter as a “Businessman, Revolutionary, Activist, Unapologetically BLACK, Afrikan in AmeriKKKa, Fighter, Leader”. Police are uncertain of the motive or perpetrator at this time, but are pursuing the case as an obvious homicide. Surely conspiracy theories will flood the web of white supremacists assassinating this fine upstanding young man, but we all know it will likely be another run of the mill murder over petty cash or perceived disrespect like happens to people of Seals’s complexion every day.

Taylor Swift is single again, which means I’m totally gonna get her pregnant. Swift, you may recall, is rightly regarded by many as an Aryan goddess. So it seems quit fitting for a kingly figure such as myself to bless her with my seed.

Jill Stein might be going to prison. The communist presidential candidate (technically for the Green Party) is suspected of trespassing and vandalism at a protest in North Dakota. A construction site of an oil pipeline has been the source of much fury for anti-human energy haters as of late, and Stein, who is polling even lower than Gary Johnson, figured this would be a great way to boost her street cred. No arrests have been made, but police say they are investigating and charges may be forthcoming, potentially felonies. l don’t really have much hope she’ll actually go to prison, but perhaps the newfound street cred will pull some more Hillary supporters to her side and give us a chance at a true God Emperor.

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