Sep 14

Radical Agenda EP194 – Racist Frogs

The racists have really done it this time, folks. They have ruined one of the internet’s favorite mascots, Pepe the frog. Once an innocent 4chan maymay of mediocre proportions, he has now become a symbol of white nationalism amplified by David Duke supporting presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Radical Agenda EP194 - Racist Frogs

Radical Agenda EP194 – Racist Frogs

Either that, or the media has completely lost their minds.

One of these scenarios seems slightly more likely than the other…

Now, I won’t deny that the so called “Alt Right” has made good use of the Pepe meme to advance some ideas that are far from egalitarian. I certainly would have to acknowledge that I personally was made aware of this meme by just such folks and have run with it ever since. But watching the Clinton campaign publish a blog post titled “Donald Trump, Pepe the frog, and white supremacists: an explainer” just seemed so ridiculous I could barely contain myself when I saw it. Then watching the leftist media run with it like some major conspiracy had been uncovered I really started to feel like I had to be dreaming.

But this is actually going on. The entire leftist apparatus is so desperate to take down Donald Trump that they are digging through 4chan cartoons and trying to associate them with the Republican nominee for president in yet another desperate and failed attempt to brand him a racist, as if anybody even cares about that label anymore. This is somehow supposed to contend in an election with the leftist alternative narrowly dodging indictments and losing consciousness in public.

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