Sep 16

Radical Agenda EP195 – Constitution Day

Today is a tough one for me… I’ve been thoroughly enjoying a bit of a nationalist frenzy, antagonizing egalitarians, and stressing the importance of group preferences. So there is some level of desire to say the Constitution of the United States was some kind of divinely inspired document, spelling out to the letter, the structure of good government.

Sadly, the realist in me pipes up and insists this is foolish. He is joined by my inner anarchist, and even my inner iron fisted dictator. As Lysander Spooner put it;

But whether the Constitution really be one thing, or another, this much is certain – that it has either authorized such a government as we have had, or has been powerless to prevent it. In either case it is unfit to exist.


Radical Agenda EP195 - Constitution Day

Radical Agenda EP195 – Constitution Day

He said that in 1867, and rather than take the time to list all the unconstitutional actions of the United States Federal Government, perhaps it would suffice to say that fidelity to constitutional limits on federal power have not improved with time.

This is where the constitution sycophants often get tongue tied. They insist firmly that the constitution limits federal power, despite centuries of evidence to the contrary. They continue to whine and complain that their guy didn’t win the election, and that everyone but their guy is some sort of traitor, because only their guy would obey the ancient text to which they’ve assigned divine significance.

A constitution which purports to limit federal power, but can only limit said power if said power obeys on its own volition, in fact provides no such limits. It is a fairy tale which makes other religious doctrines appear scientific by comparison. At least they lack evidence in either direction, while the power of constitutions is proven false in our own time.

But this does not stop the talk radio mafia and other conservative commentators from pounding the same tired old drum. “Oh, if only Ted Cruz and Carly Fiorina were the GOP ticket, they would restore the republic once and for all” cry the same tired old personalities who hated Ron Paul.

Let’s take Steven Crowder as an example. Today he shared a piece by Courtney Kirchoff titled “Dear Leftists: Actually, Yes, the Constitution IS the ‘Be All, End All’”. The piece claims in part;

The Constitution, therefore, is your greatest enemy. It prevents people in government from assuming authoritarian rule. It prevents leftists like you from implementing total thought control by censoring free-speech. It prevents you from disarming people. It prevents you from imprisoning people who disagree with you

Now clearly, the constitution does no such thing. Free speech is indeed censored, and more by the day. The fact that Steven Crowder never says anything that actually bothers the left all that much is just evidence that he’s cooperative with our total destruction. People have been disarmed all across the United States, and barely an election can go by without some new restriction on firearms. People being fined for refusing to bake cakes for gay couples or being charged with hate speech has become a regular occurrence no longer worthy of news coverage.

Leftists don’t hate the constitution because it places limits on government power. They know very well that it never has, and that it never will. What leftists hate about the constitution is that it is a cultural reference for Western civilization. They hate it for the same reason they hate the Confederate Flag, the Gadsden Flag, the ten commandments, Tom Sawyer, and heterosexual white males. They are hell bent on destroying our way of life and they have to eliminate from the minds of the people any remnant of that civilization’s history.

The saddest part of this story is that rather than prevent this from happening, the constitution and it’s phony right wing sycophants actually facilitate this. They insist that leftists have “rights” that are supposed to be protected even while they trample the same supposed rights of others. They insist that the constitution limits their power when elected, even if it does not limit the power of their rivals. Attempts to adhere to constitutional standards has tied the hands of conservatives in the United States while the anti-human left is free to set fire to all that is good and decent in the world, and I for one am sick of watching this happen. We need a Pinochet, but for now I’ll settle for Trump.

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