Sep 23

Radical Agenda EP198 – Pedestal

Like most Democrats, Hillary Clinton lies about everything. At the first presidential debate this coming Monday, she will even be deceiving the public about her height. The Clinton campaign understandably feared he being dwarfed by the 6’2″ Donald Trump, adding to the concerns that she would be embarrassed at the 90 minute, commercial free, political slugfest sure to be the most watched thing in the history of US politics.

Radical Agenda EP198 - Pedestal

Radical Agenda EP198 – Pedestal

So they demanded she be able to stand on a stool as to not appear so much shorter than Donald Trump. This request was denied, however she was able to have a special podium built to accomplish the exact same purpose.

This of course is exactly what we should expect from the half dead Democrat who aims to be America’s first female president. They have defined the word “fair” to mean “that which favors Democrats”. To them, a level playing field is one where all players are level, lifted up or dragged down based on their disadvantages and privilege. Where merit and capability have nothing to do with success or failure, Democrats thrive.

This is the summary of all things left of Ronald Reagan. If a woman is in poor health, the media must ignore her literally losing consciousness in front of thousands of people in New York City, to favor her over the man. If she is shorter, and given the appearance of being weaker or less capable, then the optics must be adjusted to make her his “equal”. Her actual frailty, weakness, and incapacity to do the job must never be mentioned, or you will be condemned a sexist.

Same thing with these riots in Charlotte, North Carolina, still happening as of last night. These people literally do not care what the truth is. No matter how much evidence is presented of a gun wielding repeat felon, the rioters continue to insist he was just reading a book while picking up his children. Same as the old “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” line, one of the worst lies of 2015.

Democrats are foundationally detached from reality, as are their fellow leftists in the fringe left parties, the “left libertarians”, and all the other r-selective spectrum vermin we see on a daily basis. Trying to negotiate with them is senseless because the facts have nothing to do with the discussion. They require facts bend to theory, and any challenge to this dynamic is literally Hitler.

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