Sep 26

Radical Agenda EP199 – Clash

In a few short hours, we are going to witness the single greatest confrontation in the history of politics. A frail female leftist who can barely maintain consciousness, much less walk up stairs, is about to get the verbal beating of her career by the bombastic billionaire who beat the main stream media, the republican party, and political correctness without soliciting donations.

Radical Agenda EP199 - Clash

Radical Agenda EP199 – Clash

The prize is the presidency of the United States. The most powerful political position in the history of mankind. But perhaps something even more spectacular than this is in play. This election is a referendum not only on the candidates, but on incompatible worldviews that simply can no longer share a system of government in peace any longer. One must crush the other, or we must go our separate ways.

Politics in the United States have largely been a series of negotiations where neither side gets exactly what they want, but we all seemed to get by in some way or another. After a century of left wing expansionary victories, particularly over the last 8 years, the time for negotiation is over. Finally, the Republican party has chosen a candidate who will fight the leftist agenda instead of slowly walking us down its treacherous path. The left has no intention of backing down of course, they never do. That’s why they get what they want.

But after tonight, that may change. This is expected to be the most watched presidential debate in the history of presidential debates. People who have not been keeping track of the candidates and the issues to date will be tuning in for the first time, to hear the powerful, transformative message of Donald Trump, and the pathetic whining of Hillary Clinton, and in just 42 days they will walk into voting booths and decide if they want greatness or weakness for their country.

Because that, ultimately, is our choice. We can choose to discriminate, to have standards, to strive to be better. Or we can choose to be all inclusive, to have no standards, and strive only to be the first to the bottom in a genetic and economic suicide mission.

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