Sep 28

Radical Agenda EP200 – Let Down

I am profoundly disappointed following Monday night’s presidential debate. I had hoped for a verbal prison rape and perhaps a stroke or heart attack. Instead I was subjected to 90 minutes of Hillary Clinton lying with the help of Lester Holt and little in the way of resistance from Donald Trump.

Radical Agenda EP200 - Let Down

Radical Agenda EP200 – Let Down

Surely the political pros that have handed this country to the left for the last century have gotten in Trump’s ear telling him to maintain his composure, to appear presidential, to disavow the same bombast that won him the Republican primary. All for fear of angering his opponents and their mainstream media allies. In my opinion, Trump does not wear this well and it comes off as obvious. Trump’s greatest talent is to run unfiltered and rattle the listener with his tone. Absent this, he comes off just as calculating and deceptive as Hillary Clinton, but without the pre-packaged phony policy details that give the average pleb the false idea that the half dead Democrat nominee is well informed.

But perhaps I’m just more anxious for blood than the average voter. The latest LA Times poll has Trump ahead by 4 points following the debate – continuing the momentum that has been swinging in his favor ever since bringing Bannon and Conway on board with his campaign. Perhaps a bit of a lullaby is just what the American voter needs right now, and we can save shock and awe for the Oval Office.

But I’m just so terrified of what could happen if we lose this election, and I want to see that strength from our champion – even if only to provide me with some reassurance. Contemplating the consequences of a Clinton presidency makes me want to prepare for war, hide, and flee the country all at the same time. If we lose this election, we cannot simply wait for the next one. It will come to pass, that the “2nd Amendment People” the “less verbose warriors” amongst us, will have no choice but to shed blood in a conflict whose outcome is far from certain.

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  • retona4

    As someone that is a fan of both you and the TRS guys I can tell you there didn’t seem to be any big riff.

    I can only speak for myself but I think the TRS guys are coming from my point of view. And that is when the word ‘free trade’ is uttered we understand that we are not really talking about free trade but these globalist cocksucker’s version of the term.

    Which you outlined at the beginning.

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