Oct 03

Radical Agenda EP203 – Run These Streets

Some piece of criminal filth got himself killed by running from police in a stolen car. Since this particular piece of vermin happens to have had a dark complexion, it’s necessarily time to burn down California. Gang bangers even kicked a police car while shouting “We run these streets” until the officer fled the scene for his life.

Radical Agenda EP203 - Run These Streets

Radical Agenda EP203 – Run These Streets

I suppose these must be the “super predators” Hillary Clinton use to warn us about. Somehow, they have become her primary demographic and support base. I wonder if that has anything to do with a recent Supreme Court decision to release hundreds of felons in the swing state of Ohio, since felons can only vote there after they’ve served their sentences. This would seem to go along with Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s administration restoring voting rights to about 41,000 felons who had been disenfranchised by a state Supreme Court ruling.

This is literally the Democratic party of the current year, criminals. Hillary is a repeat felon who has perjured herself and, destroyed evidence, and probably killed a bunch of people. In keeping with her own criminality, she is reaching out to the worst criminal elements in the country in hopes they will vote in large enough numbers to win her the presidency.

Certainly no healthy, respectable person would vote for her. Not of course, unless they had low testosterone, says one Doctor in Florida.

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