Oct 05

Radical Agenda EP204 – Bullies

The National Education Association is very upset with Donald Trump. The NEA is America’s largest labor union, representing 3 million (((educators))), most of whom are women. So it shouldn’t come as any surprise that they’ve been upset with basically everyone right of Karl Marx since their inception, and have never endorsed a Republican or third party for the presidency. They have a very special problem with Donald Trump though…

Radical Agenda EP204 - Bullies

Radical Agenda EP204 – Bullies

The problem, they say, is that he is causing a wave of bullying to run rampant through the school system. A phenomenon some have referred to as “The Trump Effect” where children no longer seem to care about the feelings of the special little snowflakes these teachers have dedicated their careers to creating. The term “Trump Effect” came from the Southern Poverty Law Center and has been picked up by the Clinton campaign and other leftist political organizations as a talking point. Among the SPLC’s findings: “Teachers report that students have been ‘emboldened’ to use slurs, engage in name-calling and make inflammatory statements toward each other.” Also, “Kids use the names of candidates as pejoratives to taunt each other.”

Outside of the school systems we’ve heard similar things of course. The infamous “Alt Right” with their white supremacist cartoon frogs have now begun using Google and Skype as racial epithets to confuse censors on social media platforms. They’ve even threatened the life of their race mixing homosexual leader. So for sure, bullying has followed Donald Trump into the mainstream of our political discussions.

But of course, the problem the NEA has with Donald Trump is not about bullying per se. The NEA has bullied taxpayers and everyone right of Bernie Sanders for as long as they’ve existed. A bunch of people who are dependent on child hostages and armed revenue agents who will imprison and murder anyone who dares to resist them, doesn’t have a leg to stand on when they complain about coercion.

The problem they have with Donald Trump is exactly what has caused so many of us to love him. They know as well as you and I that once we stop caring about the whines of subhuman parasites and start doing what we know to be right and necessary, a lot of communists are going to end up with tickets to a one way helicopter ride, and no shortage of those communists are going to be (((educators))) and (((journalists))).

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