Oct 07

Radical Agenda EP205 – Storm

The Southeast United States is in a panic as Hurricane Matthew approaches. It threatens to be the worst hurricane to hit the region in over a decade, and mandatory evacuations have been ordered.

Radical Agenda EP205 - Storm

Radical Agenda EP205 – Storm

I’m sure this won’t create any problems of its own. A government order for people of a given geographic area to abandon their property and flee isn’t an invitation for looters and other criminals to pillage or anything like that. Surely when people ignore the order and stay, whether to loot their neighbors or just because they no longer have any faith in their government’s warnings, we won’t see a bunch of taxpayer resources thrown at bailing them out of their own poor decision making.

And when food, fuel, water, and other shortages appear, surely we won’t see government price fixing exacerbate the problem. I mean, why should gasoline cost anymore after a hurricane than it does on a sunny afternoon, right?

But the storm isn’t just limited to the weather, or the United States. The British Pound fell dramatically today, supposedly due to algorithmic trading. Some however suspect that we still haven’t seen the full fallout from the Brexit vote.

Meanwhile, Italy ponders a referendum to streamline their legislative process by diminishing the power of one house of their legislature. This would make laws easier to pass, freeing up some gridlock that frustrates the bureaucracy and citizenry alike, but would it actually improve matters? The market seems uncertain…

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