Oct 10

Radical Agenda EP206 – Glory

Today is Columbus day, or “Indigenous Peoples Day” as the Twitter leftists like to refer to it. So it seems fitting that we begin the week by celebrating a white man verbally raping a sub human female in front of millions of people. Last night’s presidential debate more than made up for the lackluster performance of the prior showdown, and may have been just the boost Donald Trump needed to come back from a media manufactured flood of outrage over an 11 year old video.

Radical Agenda EP206 - Glory

Radical Agenda EP206 – Glory

Today we’ll do a little fact checking of the (((fact checkers))). Hillary repeatedly dismissed entire segments of the debate as completely fabricated and invited viewers to get her version of the story from her website, but if you’ve been listening to this program for any period of time, you already know she isn’t a good source of information. Neither is Politico, of course, but we’ll go through a few points on their “Wrongometer” about last night’s debate.

At times throughout this campaign, I’ve had mixed feelings about Donald Trump. His pandering to blacks, women, and the lazy slobs who refuse to drag themselves out of poverty has been a huge turnoff. His European-esque disregard for free markets and Buchannanite conviction that the welfare state need not destroy family and culture is nonsensical. After last night though, I can say without hesitation that I am a single issue voter. He has now promised to assign a special prosecutor to prosecute Hillary Clinton for her destruction of evidence and other crimes during her tenure with the United States Government. I dare the libertarians to continue insisting there is no difference between the candidates with that gauntlet now thrown.

And of course, I’d be negligent not to mention grabbing women by the pussy. It’s a favorite pastime of mine, and I’m sure it is for a lot of you as well. So I’m not so certain why Donald Trump discussing it 11 years ago is such a big deal. Especially when the simultaneous breaking story was Hillary Clinton’s Goldman Sachs transcripts confirming that she is a confessed liar trying to con the public so she can turn the United States over to the banking and financial industry.

There is of course the temptation to assume this is an intentional plot by the media. Even Fox News spent the entire weekend predicting the end of the Donald Trump campaign over this complete non-issue, while barely mentioning the wikileaks release of the Clinton transcripts. I felt as though I had been drugged, from all the echos I heard on the television. But then I realized something else and my faith in free markets was restored.

This need not be some grand conspiracy to make sense of it. One need only spend a few minutes talking to the average voter to realize he is as dumb as a box of rocks, and far less apt to change the channel when sex is being discussed than when incontrovertible evidence of political corruption is. Perhaps the mainstream media is trying to tank the Trump campaign, or perhaps they are just giving the plebs what they asked for – blissful ignorance, degeneracy, and a criminal president.

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