Oct 12

Radical Agenda EP207 – Rundown

There are few things I enjoy more than seeing terrible people suffer horribly. While we were on the air Monday, a group of protesters in Reno, Nevada decided they would block traffic to protest Columbus day, insisting that it was actually “Indigenous Peoples’ Day”. In entirely too many cases, such a demonstration would have gone on unhindered, but one brave man in a white pickup truck decided that this was a problem that could only be solved by physical removal. So he warned the crowd as he approached them by revving his engine and honking his horn, but they crowd responded by shouting “Stand Your Ground!” and cursing and hitting his truck, until he finally put it in gear and mowed them down to escape the mob. And predictably, who did they immediately demand the assistance of? The cops.

Radical Agenda EP207 - Rundown

Radical Agenda EP207 – Rundown

It’s not the newest of phenomenon. There are compilation videos of protesters getting run over, especially Black Lives Matter and other extreme left groups. Watching them is one of my favorite ways to blow off steam. But more than that, I find it an apt metaphor to describe so much of what is going on today.

Some people just cannot be reasoned with. Every moment spent trying to communicate honestly with them is a moment wasted that could have been put to better use like combat training or resource acquisition. There is only one solution for these types, physical removal.

And it’s not strictly limited to those typically perceived as leftists. The rejection of reason is a problem we’ve seen run rampant throughout the libertarian movement, handing it on a platter to the left. In no small part, what has been called the “alt right” came as a response to this. Ask around in those circles and many will describe themselves as former libertarians or even anarcho-capitalists. Sadly however, we see the same problem here. A willingness and even eagerness to throw reason out the window and delve into purely ideological nonsense takes root, and the next thing we know there are people advocating for socialized medicine and basic income guarantees on the notion that an all white society will manage these things better than a multicultural one.

This may be true to some extent, but this of course is how ethnocentric states cease to become ethnocentric in the first place. In Europe and America, we subsidized our poor and taxed our productive, tilting the economic incentives for self improvement and genetic integrity into something more closely resembling Idiocracy than The 300. Now we have a society of weak willed men, domineering women, no sense of responsibility for either, and we’re acting all surprised that we are being overrun by other civilizations.

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