Oct 14

Radical Agenda EP208 – Assimilation

Surely I’ll have to touch on the conveniently timed rape and sexual assault accusations lobbed at Donald Trump just weeks before the most important election in the history of mankind, but my attentions are presently quite drawn to another topic. It would seem the tensions sparked on recent episodes have reached beyond this show and even beyond the losers who made a show about this show, and reached the pages of TheRightStuff.biz. (They dare not link of course, wouldn’t want an actual dialogue. Cutting mics is more their style it would seem).

Radical Agenda EP208 - Assimilation

Radical Agenda EP208 – Assimilation

Seventh Son, after spending many paragraphs in senseless non-argumentative insults, and bragging about a book collection apparently not so well understood, finally attempts, and fails, to make an economic argument for the non-existent economic platform of the alt right. He does however, in the process prove the other point I’ve been trying to make for quite some time about many who call themselves libertarians today.

He writes in part;

It’s bizarre that these so-called Level 47 Austrian Mages can’t grasp that labor isn’t the only product that can be devalued by allowing a cheaper foreign supply into the marketplace.

Interesting that one comes under the impression that an Austrian economist can’t figure out importation of goods often results in lower prices. After all, if it did not, then there would be little purpose in the importation. This does not sound like something that would fall from the mouth of one who has read Human Action. Of course importing goods results in lower prices, and since we prefer to pay less for things, this is why it is done.

He continues;

Why can’t they deduce that allowing into our market the goods produced by cheap foreign labor is almost as bad as letting the foreign labor itself into our market?

Because goods produced by cheap foreign labor (so long as said labor remains foreign) do not collect welfare. They do not commit crime. They do not breed with our women or lower the genetic integrity of our population. Instead, they reduce our workload and free us to spend our labors on higher aspirations which in turn purchase more goods and increase our quality of life. Not only is this not “almost as bad” as mass immigration, it is beneficial and has exactly the opposite impact on our quality of life.

Immigration and trade are not synonymous. Human beings go places where they are not wanted, while products are almost exclusively transported to people who have paid for them because they want them.

That’s just a bit of a preview, and I’ll continue the rest on the air. And of course I’ll take your calls at 747-234-2254 or RadicalAgenda on Skype.

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  • Sam Cru

    That TRS article was bunk and full of flimsy strawmen which Seventh “I have a big bookshelf” Son was barely able to set alight. The TRS economic platform seems to be poverty and starvation for white people through socialism and autarky.

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