Oct 17

Radical Agenda EP209 – Animals

“Animals representing Hillary Clinton and Dems in North Carolina just firebombed our office in Orange County because we are winning” tweeted Donald Trump about an act of political terrorism that was carried out against his campaign office in Orange County, North Carolina. It was lucky nobody was hurt, since the firebomb apparently landed on a couch where volunteers often take naps. The office was a “total loss”. Graffiti reading “Nazi Republicans leave town or else” was sprayed on a nearby building, along with a swastika.

Radical Agenda EP209 - Animals

Radical Agenda EP209 – Animals

The responsible commentator must mention that Hillary Clinton condemned the attacks, and some Democrats even started a fundraiser to cover the damages. However, this kind of violence and destruction is exactly what should be expected when one is facing a ruthless criminal in a contest for the most powerful political position in the history of mankind.

Black Lives Matter has rioted and burned how many buildings in support of violent criminals, yet Hillary Clinton and her types continue to support them as if they were just peacefully addressing some legitimate grievance. Che Guevara shirts are easy to spot at any leftist gathering, despite his bloody hands. Remember when White House Communications Director Anita Dunn said her favorite political philosopher was Mao Tse Tung? Margaret Sanger, Joseph Stalin, the list of ruthless killers and violent criminals the left holds up as their heroes could go on forever.

Yet the right seems to panic at the suggestion that our presidential candidate might grab a gal by the pussy if his stardom convinces her to let him, and we wonder why the last century has consisted of nothing but victory for the left.

We need our own animals. We need ruthless monsters who will remind our enemies that there are costs associated with going against us. We need to put down the weak kneed cowards who prevent us from accomplishing our goals. And we need to take your calls at 747-234-2254 or RadicalAgenda on Skype.

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