Oct 21

Radical Agenda EP211 – The Price

David French at the National Review is none too happy with the alt-right. In a piece published today entitled “The Price I’ve Paid for Opposing Donald Trump” French tells the harrowing tale of being trolled with racist memes on Twitter and fearing for his safety and that of his wife and adopted black daughter.

All this, he claims, because of this petty little matter of opposing Donald Trump. Surely in French’s mind this is no big deal, to oppose a presidential candidate. We’re all supposed to agree to disagree, in his mind, and if his deceptions lead to a Hillary Clinton presidency, economic catastrophe, nuclear war with Russia, and the end of white people on planet Earth, that’s just fine with him. War and economic devastation are perfectly acceptable, so long as no racist memes get posted to social media.

Radical Agenda EP211 - The Price

Radical Agenda EP211 – The Price

But what David French seems unaware of is how appropriate his title really was. There is a price for opposing Donald Trump, and it is and ought to be quite steep. That is what is so great about this election cycle for the right. In previous years, there was no cost associated with punching right, only for punching left. You could not say anything about blacks, or women, or immigration. Even war propaganda had to be steeped in “human rights” commie nonsense.

Today, that has changed. There is weight on the other side of the scale, and whether he realizes it or not, David French and folks like him will be a lot better off if we get an accurate measurement in our favor. Because Donald Trump isn’t just neck and neck with Hillary Clinton in the polls, he’s also captured the soul of the nation in a way that understandably has many on edge. Trump has not said that he will accept the outcome of the election, and if he doubts the validity of that outcome, he could spark a civil war.

Because Trump supporters are not just sycophants as many would like to make us out to be. We’re warriors fighting for our survival, and as far as we’re concerned the meme war is a gentlemen’s game. We are not going to suffer through a Hillary Clinton presidency peacefully, and if David French finds photoshops of his wife in bed with black men so troubling, he’s really going to be upset when the right wing death squads show up.

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