Oct 24

Radical Agenda EP212 – Bias

I suppose it hardly even counts as news anymore that (((the media))) is biased in favor of Hillary Clinton, but once again that’s the story at the top of my radar. On top of the general leftist bias, on top of the hotter than usual hatred of Donald Trump, the outright collusion we keep seeing exposed every day by Wikileaks just keeps making it clearer that we’re no longer involved in anything resembling an honest exchange of ideas.

Radical Agenda EP212 - Bias

Radical Agenda EP212 – Bias

A piece in ZeroHedge illustrates media polling outlets colluding with the Clinton campaign to oversample not only Democrats, but Hispanics and Native Americans to avoid any independents or Democrats who might be voting for Trump. Evan Gahr at Observer politics points out that so called “reporters” have suffered no consequences from their superiors or peers after being caught colluding with the Clinton campaign. The examples are too numerous to list, but I’ll talk about these specifically on the air today.

The fact that Trump still maintains an edge in the latest Rasmussen poll while all of this is going on speaks volumes to the growing anger in the country. Leftists steadily maintain that their extreme agenda is just synonymous with decency and they have no legitimate opposition, save for some basket of deplorables who need not be taken into consideration. Meanwhile a growing number of people are getting wise to the fact that a handful of major media conglomerates, which just so happen to be run by members of the same tribe, are lying to them every day for the purpose of directing the government that controls nearly every aspect of their lives.

Hillary Clinton says Trump’s refusal to accept the outcome of the election in advance is a “direct threat to our democracy” and that Trump is a “sore loser” for this as if he had already lost. Personally I’m fine with threatening democracy, and I certainly hope Trump lives up to the title. But it is a bit troubling to think that those who have already called the election before the votes have been cast are the ones claiming we’re the threat thereto.

Well, if the election has already been called, if the polling is confirmed fraudulent, if we’re being prosecuted for speech and weapons in the presence of the 1st and 2nd amendments, then democratic or otherwise, you better believe I’m a threat to that system. Are you?

Are you a threat to Hillary Clinton? Are you a threat to the media? Because they are threats to you. If you’re still living in a disarmed state, if you’re still hiding behind a Pepe avatar, then I regret to inform you that you are prey, not predator. I regret to inform you that while you certainly should vote and hope for the best, that putting any faith in that particular poll after you’ve seen the massive conspiracy that is the pre-election polling, then you’re a pathetic fool who deserves his fate.

This comes down to weapons and men to wield them, and guess what fellas?

We don’t have them.

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