Oct 26

Radical Agenda EP213 – Cucktober

With less than two weeks to go before the most important presidential election in the history of mankind, things have been pretty hectic over here at the Radical Agenda studio. From Wikileaks exposing the depth of corruption in the media and Clinton campaign, to Donald Trump’s enviable sex life, to the invasion of Europe and the brink of World War III over Syria, there has been so much to get to that we almost missed my favorite bit, Cucktober.

Radical Agenda EP213 - Cucktober

Radical Agenda EP213 – Cucktober

Long time listeners know that Radical Agenda is largely inspired by the Opie & Anthony show, of which I was a loyal listener until SiriusXM fired Anthony Cumia over some wholly justified racially charged tweets. I’ve attempted to make it something of a crossover between O&A and conservative talk, of which I’m also an avid listener to this day. In the radio business, particularly on rock and roll stations, the month of October is often referred to as “Rocktober”. Concerts, contests, and all manner of silly radio bits are put on by the DJs or “Jocks” to celebrate this particular time of year.

Opie & Anthony thus came up with “Jocktober” and used it as an opportunity to make fun of audio clips from other radio shows from around the country. Those familiar will recall the infamous “Fugitive” giveaway bit, the token female host or “hole” as they came to be known for their valueless addition of estrogen to the broadcasts, and of course the audience members bombarding the Facebook pages of the target shows with horrifying imagery and useful medical advice like “get AIDS”.

For our purposes, we’ll be celebrating Cucktober today. A review of cuckoldry on parade in libertarian podcasts and YouTube videos, as wannabe anarchists try to justify their communism by invoking its antithesis. Up on the chopping block this evening is the perpetually denim clad Larken Rose. As per usual, he’s attempting to pass his sophistry off as philosophy and public policy analysis on the topic of immigration in his new “Good Anarchist – Bad Anarchist” series. Catchy title, eh? Where does he come up with this brilliance?

Unsurprisingly, Larken is completely unprepared for the argument because he thinks his smarmy anti-racism somehow replaces the need for understanding the subject matter. Luckily for the audience however, Hunter Thompson was there to bring a coherent grasp of property rights to the discussion for those who were actually trying to understand the controversy. Sadly, and predictably, Larken made no such effort. So this will be a truly cringeworthy assault on sophistry.

In other news, Texas voting machines think voting Republican means voting for Hillary Clinton. Newt Gingrich says Megyn Kelly is obsessed with sex. Is the .380 ACP suitable for self defense? Our fundraiser for Vietnam Veteran Bill Belser has raised over $2500 and he has gotten an extension on the time he has to stay in his home. All that, and much more plus your calls at 747-234-2254 or RadicalAgenda on Skype.

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