Oct 28

Radical Agenda EP214 – Wrong About Libertarians?

Stefan Molyneux released a video yesterday entitled “Why I Was Wrong About Libertarians” discussing some issues he’s found over the years with people claiming to be libertarians. The 50 minute monologue details his frustrations with self described libertarians’ reactions to issues like spanking children, feminism, human biodiversity, police brutality, and free market economists accepting positions in State universities.

Radical Agenda EP214 - Wrong About Libertarians?

Radical Agenda EP214 – Wrong About Libertarians?

Molyneux points out several times during the video that he is not referring to all libertarians, but rather a significant vocal portion of the movement who has attacked him over the years for his stances on these various issues. Much like his “Why I was Wrong About Atheism” video however, he does not seem to mention what some of us might think obvious from the title – that the problems described are with the people who purport to adhere to the ideology, rather than with the ideology itself.

Full disclosure, I’m one of those people who has attacked him over the years a few times, with varying degrees of merit. Still, the frustrations discussed ring familiar to me and certainly to anyone who has been following this program. With the possible exceptions of the spanking issue, and economists in State academia, all of these problems stem from libertarians’ willingness to team up with and try to recruit from the political left. The reality detached worship of weakness and victimhood, the elevation of vices to virtues, the gender and race baiting, and the economic illiteracy can all be placed squarely at the feet of leftists who were foolishly (or maliciously) welcomed and granted prominence in the libertarian movement for the purpose of growing the human and financial resources of various individuals and organizations.

Put simply, the real problem with libertarians is that there are so few of them out there. Yet, in hopes of gaining ground for themselves or their causes, they have carelessly allowed the term libertarian to be abused like a white girl with daddy issues at a black frat party. All the while, these same supposed libertarians who would hand their movement over to communists, began setting purity standards that only excluded those on the right, as if they had forgotten Murray Rothbard was a contributor to the National Review.

This in no small part gave fuel to the rise of what is now known as the alt right. Watching a virtuous intellectual movement like libertarianism be debased into little more than a celebration of drug addiction and homosexuality made us realize that having the truth on our side wasn’t going to be enough. The left has to be stopped by force, and every moment that goes by before this is done allows them to destroy some other beautiful, life saving, necessary thing. And if we wait long enough to act, then it will be too late and libertarianism along with all other semblances of reason and virtue will vanish from the collective consciousness of humanity for all of eternity, never to be contemplated again.

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