Nov 02

Radical Agenda EP216 – Battle of Paris

Mayhem erupted on the streets of Paris this morning as mobs of migrants attacked each other with wooden clubs just yards from the Stalingrad Metro station, where a squalid migrant camp has popped up following the demolition of one known as “the Jungle”. Over 2,500 invaders have pitched tents under the Metro station after the demolition of the Jungle hampered their attempts to reach Britain. Despite the horrific brawl, a pro-migrant rally is apparently being organised to take place at the camp at 6pm tonight.

Radical Agenda EP216 - Battle of Paris

Radical Agenda EP216 – Battle of Paris

Border crossings in the United States have increased dramatically in the lead up to the 2016 presidential election just 6 days from today. Two California border agents have been assaulted just this week.

So as thousands of violent criminals come pouring across European and American borders, what are our universities teach students? Well, they need to purge their “toxic masculinity” of course.

Sounds like a fantastic idea. Let’s disarm the populace, turn our men into whimpering little sacks of vaginal secretions, and have thousands of violent third world savages take over the streets of capitol cities while citizens look on in horror incapable of doing anything to stop it. Let’s tax businesses to keep feeding those same savages, even while those savages destroy the neighborhoods of those businesses and send them into bankruptcy. This is just an attempt to combat all the nasty racism exclusive to white people, and has nothing to do with an obvious plan to destroy these civilizations.

In other news, Bud Light pulls their social justice warrior commercials as sales plummet. Shockingly enough, even being drunk can’t cause people to believe this gender wage gap idiocy. Anthony Weiner is in a “sex clinic” claiming that an addiction drove him to send sexually explicit messages to a 15 year old girl. All that and more, plus your calls at 747-234-2254 or RadicalAgenda on Skype.

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