Nov 04

Radical Agenda EP217 – Bizarro

As it looks right now, Donald Trump is about to become president of the United States, Hillary Clinton is about to be indicted, and the Cubs just won the world series. This is quite the current year to be alive, ain’t it?

Radical Agenda EP217 - Bizarro

Radical Agenda EP217 – Bizarro

With less than four days until the election, Fox News is reporting that a source within the FBI claims an indictment is “likely” in their probe into the Clinton foundation, which has been going on for years and includes secret recordings. Her email server appears to have been hacked by at least five foreign intelligence agencies, exposing all of the classified and other material sent and received by the former Secretary of State to international scrutiny, and potentially subjecting her to blackmail if elected president. The corruption and incompetence I find less than surprising, but the idea that the FBI might actually do something about it comes as a total shock.

These revelations are finally starting to make Clinton voters think twice. New Hampshire, Ohio, Indiana, and Missouri have all shifted rightward. The race is still close, but with surprises dropping on Hillary daily, it seems all the dirt on Trump has already been dumped, and none of it has stuck outside of some obsessed feminist ideologues in the media whining about misogyny.

In other news, don’t worry about voter fraud, the Kenyans have this covered. The Supreme Court will hear a trending transgression. Your sexual preference is racist. And of course, your calls at 747-234-2254 or RadicalAgenda on Skype.

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