Nov 07

Radical Agenda EP218 – Election Eve

I offer only one prediction about tomorrow’s election, terrible things will happen. From one moment to the next I feel quite certain about completely opposite possible outcomes. I’m processing so many contradictions I feel like a liberal or something.

Radical Agenda EP218 - Election Eve

Radical Agenda EP218 – Election Eve

One moment I am certain Hillary will be defeated, imprisoned, and made to take a walk of shame through the middle of Washington D.C. while people hurl urine and feces at her and scream “WHORE!” as she sulks and cries in horror. The next I am quite certain she will become president of the United States and immediately begin hauling folks like you and me off to re-education facilities in the middle of the night.

All I can really say with certainty is that people are going to die.

If Hillary wins, I honestly think we’re beyond the point of negotiations, and more importantly I think a lot of people are beginning to realize this. Someone, somewhere, will decide it is time to start physically removing Democrats from this plane of existence. Indeed the thought is persistent in my own mind – that once the results are called, it is the duty of all brave men to go out and start executing liberal voters. I’ll probably chicken out when the time comes, I’m just saying…

If Donald Trump wins, the race riots will begin before the final votes are even counted. The left has been stoking racial tensions over the last eight years in ways I never even contemplated possible. The violent criminals of the Black Lives Matter movement have been given hundreds of thousands of dollars to engage in acts of terrorism, arson, murder, theft, and assault, with next to no legal consequences whatsoever. Let somebody go tell them that the white oppressor has elected a racist president and that the time for insurrection has come, and they will grab whatever weaponry they can get their hands around and wield it against you and I.

I really should have bought more ammunition…

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