Nov 09

Radical Agenda EP219 – Election Night

I’ve been having some difficulty containing myself tonight. I’m not sober. I’m ashamed of myself. I’ve been questioned by the police for an outburst I had earlier at the Clinton campaign office in my city. I’ve spent much of the evening crying.  I feel weak and pathetic and not at all suited to get on camera and lead you to the brighter tomorrow we’re all hoping for. I hate myself for that, and I hate that I hate myself because I don’t actually think this is all that unreasonable. I imagine some of you feel quite similarly, actually.

Radical Agenda EP219 - Election Night

Radical Agenda EP219 – Election Night

This is probably not going to be the most informative or entertaining show you can watch tonight, but this is what I’m capable of and I will provide it.

The time is currently 11:55pm Eastern and I intend to go live as soon as I get my equipment set up, say 12:15 at the latest.

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