Nov 11

Radical Agenda EP221 – Casualties

Well, that didn’t take long. Left wing protests against Donald Trump’s electoral victory have descended into violence. As one example, a white man was pulled out of his car and beaten by several black males while a woman can be heard shouting “He voted Trump! Beat his ass!”. As another, one group of “protesters” in Portland, Oregon began attacking each other after some routine vandalism got out of control. #TrumpRiot trended on Twitter last night as people looked on in horror watching leftists do what they always do.

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Radical Agenda EP221 - Casualties

Radical Agenda EP221 – Casualties

Now, I’m not going to pretend that I think this or any other election was a just and righteous thing. America is home to some 320 million people and the idea that all of them can be forcibly ruled by a single man because he narrowly won a popularity contest is completely unreasonable. So if leftists want to join with me in saying that this system of government needs to be abolished, then I’d be quite tempted to work with them on that goal.

But leftists don’t operate that way. They love democracy, until they lose. Then they suddenly believe in the primacy of the individual, until one of those individuals disagrees with them. Then they see the courts as the defender of their supposed “rights” until of course those courts decide to favor the rights of someone else. When all else fails, they resort to their natural form and commit violent crime in the streets. For these reasons, there is only one way to deal with them.

One obese Latina at a protest in California shouted “We can’t just do rallies. We have to fight back. There will be casualties on both sides!”

Well, if leftists want private sector violence, if they want casualties, I’m all for it! I consent. I will meet you on the fucking battlefield you worthless pig! You think there will be casualties on both sides? Perhaps, but I’ll make certain you’re on the heavy side of that scale young lady, though you’re probably used to that by now, aren’t you?

Come on leftists, bring it on. Name the time and place, bring whatever weaponry you can muster, I’ll do the same, and for every man I bring, you can bring two men, and two women, and even one non binary person just to make things comfortable for everyone alright? And with 5-1 odds we will mop the fuckin floor with you and use your bodies as mortar for our big, beautiful wall.

When I was running with the libertarians, you would always hear leftists saying “Don’t use violence, that’s exactly what they want!” Well, you know what? They were right. The enemies of leftists should want violence, and increasingly, they’re preparing for it. We should, and do, want violence because that’s the only god damn way these animals will ever stop trying to strip our fucking carcasses. We can crush them by force anytime we want, and the only reason we don’t do it is because we have a sense of decency that our rivals simply lack, and if we can’t see the threat of that dynamic then we don’t deserve to survive this conflict.

People say violence isn’t the answer, but I don’t think they really understand the issue. These people want to fight us, and if we don’t fight them, then we lose that fight. Whether you like it or not, there is violence. Violence is the question that was asked, your enemy has just answered yes, and that means that you do not get a vote. Your only choice now, is whether you win or lose the fight.

So what’s it going to be?

I choose to win. I choose to stand and fight and kill and die against an enemy who has set out to destroy, and already succeeded in destroying, trade, and racial harmony, more peaceful civilizations than history could ever hope to record, and even libertarianism, the foundational and long hidden truth to all of the moral philosophical questions in the history of mankind. I choose to stand and fight against you. You want casualties. ME TOO! You hide behind sick people, and women, and children, and the poor as your pawns, so if you are offering to meet me in combat then I am on my knees begging you for the opportunity to let me be one of those casualties. I would die slowly, alone and childless, in terrible agony, and I would do so gratefully for the opportunity to do so putting an end to the horrors that you have brought upon my people and all the horrors that you will bring on peoples yet to come into this world.

I would consider it my highest honor. The greatest accomplishment of my entire pathetic excuse for fucking life, after all the cemeteries, and mass graves that you’ve shoveled our most beautiful and helpless people into garbage. Every sin I had ever committed forgiven in an instant, if only I had the chance to die fighting you. You murder babies and call it medicine. You murdered my baby and you called it therapeutic, you sick monster!

Please, please, please fight me. It would be a privilege to lose a war to you.

But you know what, winning one. I got a little taste of that winning thing the other day and I’ll tell ya what, I could could used to that.

It’s a more difficult choice than one might imagine, but I think might be capable of making it.

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