Nov 14

Radical Agenda EP222 – Pre-Existing

Obviously there’s a lot going on today, but here’s what sticks out in my mind right now. Donald Trump now says he wants to keep certain provisions of the Affordable Care Act, such as the prohibition on refusing or charging more for health insurance to patients who have pre-existing conditions. Yet he has so far not said he wants to keep the so-called individual mandate, the requirement that people either buy health insurance or pay a fine.

Radical Agenda EP222 - Pre-Existing

Radical Agenda EP222 – Pre-Existing

If you followed the original battle leading up to Obamacare passing, this is a familiar problem. These two provisions are at the core of the health care law, and one relies on the other.

If you make it illegal to refuse or charge more for health insurance to people who are already sick, then it doesn’t take a genius to figure out what’s going to happen to insurance companies. Nobody will have any reason to buy insurance, until they get sick. It would be like not having car insurance, and then trying to file a claim after you’ve had an accident. Nobody would ever take such a thing seriously in the car insurance world, but we’ve allowed the idea into our society that health care is a right and so this is seen differently for some reason.

This would obviously cause insurance companies to go bankrupt in rather short order, if not for the “individual mandate”. It is illegal not to buy health insurance in the United States. Those who do not buy these financial products are subject to fines by the federal government. However, premiums are skyrocketing in part because many people figured out that it’s cheaper to pay the fine than to buy the health insurance, and since you can’t be charged more for a pre-existing condition, there is no reason to buy insurance in advance.

This was the entire point of the Affordable Care Act. It was designed to put an end to private health insurance, and make way for the federal government to nationalize the industry and institute a single payer government health care system. That’s why Jacob Hacker, one of the architects of the program famously said “Someone once said to me that this is a Trojan Horse for single payer, and I said well it’s not a Trojan Horse, right, it’s just right there”.

It is economically impossible for private companies driven by profit motives to provide the same service at the same price to a healthy adolescent and a stage four cancer patient who just signed up for insurance today. It will bankrupt them and leave them with their hands out to the federal government for subsidies.

Donald Trump is smart enough to know this. So what is his motive?

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