Nov 16

Radical Agenda EP223 – Bullies

So much for the New York Times “rededicating” themselves to reporting the news instead of propagandizing. “Bullying in the Age of Trump” trended on Twitter this afternoon, echoing the title a piece published in the Times opinion pages by Emily Bazelon. Before he has even ascended to his newly won office, claims Bazelon, Donald Trump has already begun to traumatize children and will destroy the “moral values” that once protected them.

Radical Agenda EP223 - Bullies

Radical Agenda EP223 – Bullies

Nevermind the fact that blacks are ripping whites out of their cars and beating them in  the streets for supporting Trump. Nevermind the arson, looting, vandalism, and assaults too numerous to possibly list, carried out by Clinton supporters to “protest” a democratic election. Nevermind Symone Sanders mockingly saying “Oh, poor white people” in mockery of one such victim. Bullying has been defined as a right wing problem by the leftists in the media, and all evidence to the contrary is just plain ignored.

Here is the reality of “bullying”

Terms like “racist” and “sexist” and “bigot” have for years been touted on page and screen as criminal behaviors to be outlawed. Lacking laws banning these ill-defined behaviors, the left has justified violence against anyone exhibiting these behaviors. Now, all they have to do to get someone assaulted, is to brand them one of these vague terms and wait for their criminal elements to do the rest.

That’s bullying in the age of leftist media, and what they fear about the “age of Trump” more than anything else, is that it will bring their age to an end.

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