Nov 25

Radical Agenda EP226 – Door Busters

Seasons beatings, a familiar headline at the Drudge Report this time of year. People are trampling and assaulting one another for the chance to obtain some discount electronics that they will probably drop in the toilet before next summer. Calls to ban the sales in the name of familial harmony gratefully fall on mostly deaf ears, while people refuse to address anything more substantial than the immediate symptoms of the societal breakdown they keep cheering for every day.

Radical Agenda EP226 - Door Busters

Radical Agenda EP226 – Door Busters

People are afraid to talk politics at the dinner table, for fear that their family meal might end up resembling one of these Walmart entrance melees. Letting grandma get trampled to death like a door greeter might not go over so well come Christmas, and so we instead opt to discuss less important matters like the weather or different routes to work. Shockingly enough, this does nothign to alleviate the tensions and instead of screaming at one another across the table or fighting over the latest iPhone accessory, we tear each other down through the ballot box and spread death, destruction, terrorism, and weakness across the entire planet.

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