Nov 29

Radical Agenda EP227 – Kokesh vs. Invictus

As mentioned previously, we’re getting started a little late today, 7:00pm-9:00pm instead of our usual 5-7 slot. Adam Kokesh and Augustus Invictus are scheduled to debate tonight at 7:30pm Eastern on the Liberty Hangout channel. I got their permission to simulcast the audio on my show and make commentary throughout, similarly to how we did the “Defacing the Debate” series during the Republican primary.

Invictus vs. Kokesh

Invictus vs. Kokesh

Adam Kokesh is best known for his podcast Adam vs the Man. Augustus Invictus is well known for his recent run for US Senate. The topics they will be discussing are the following: Free Trade or Protectionism, Open or Closed Borders, Support Trump or Support Gary Johnson, Cultural Marxism, and Physical Removal.

I think this will be a really interesting episode since I’ve known Adam for years and become very fond of Augustus as of late. Moreover, since Augustus was last I checked not particularly anxious to abolish the State altogether, we can expect the discussion to delve into the anarchy vs. minarchy subject which I suspect I would agree more with Adam on, despite his very left leaning views of late.

We’ll probably take some calls, but not many, feel free to hold and wait your turn at 747-234-2254 or RadicalAgenda on Skype.

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