Nov 30

Radical Agenda EP228 – Fleddit

Facebook is “cracking down” on “fake news”, which, in the minds of their staff, is any piece of content whose perspective dares to stray rightward of Elizabeth Warren. Twitter, not to be outdone, is banning Twitter accounts belonging to prominent figures of the so called Alt Right (of which I am proud to be counted, for the fourth time), despite hemorrhaging cash and users and stock value in the process. By now we’re all familiar with the practices of these larger social networks and the raving left wing fanatics who operate them.

Radical Agenda EP228 - Fleddit

Radical Agenda EP228 – Fleddit

Reddit had remained largely above all this by providing users with a nearly limitless approach to free speech. This almost changed a year or so ago when Ellen Pao was interim CEO. Pow became famous when she sued her former employer over sex discrimination and suffered an embarrassing loss when it was revealed she was a poorly performing employee and impossible to get along with. You would think this would pretty much blacklist her from employment markets, but one thing I’ve learned is never to underestimate the tenacity of social justice warriors.

Pow shut down several subreddits which she deemed to go beyond “being offensive” and entered the territory of harassment. She was ousted shortly thereafter. Now the company’s current CEO, Steve Huffman, has decided to play his hand with reddit censorship as well.

He has banned /r/PizzaGate, a subreddit dedicated to finding out if the Clintons are involved in some sort of child sex trafficking operation through a local pizzaria, or something to that effect. He is also banning users who harass him personally through direct messages. Supposedly because he thinks this will prevent them from bothering others, and not at all because he’s a thin skinned little communist who can’t take being told how bad he is at his job.

There’s a lot more to get to, plus your calls at 747-234-2254 or RadicalAgenda on Skype.

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