Dec 09

Radical Agenda EP231 – We’ll Do It Live!

I’ve taken a few days off from doing the live show, and without digging through all the details I’ll just say I’ve been taking that time to deal with some personal issues and get some sobriety under my belt. But today we’ll do a live episode of the show in the fashion you are all accustomed to.

Radical Agenda EP231 - We'll Do It Live!

Radical Agenda EP231 – We’ll Do It Live!

There’s plenty to get to, like women getting their hair cut in resistance to the coming Trump administration. One woman says she will no longer “look for a partner” because of Trump. And speaking of estrogen based parasites, Glenn Beck is very sorry because he thinks he created the Trump Train with his criticisms of Barack Obama. A professor is calling whites to mass suicide over slavery. And a university’s “whiteness forum” takes a “critical look at whiteness” because, well, that’s what universities do these days, apparently. And of course it would be negligent not to mention the daughter of top pro-migrant EU official who was raped and murdered in Germany by, you guessed it, a migrant.

I know some of you are going to want to discuss of the previous two releases, and of course I’ll take your calls but I want to keep that to a minimum today. There are still upwards of 6 hours of audio that I still need to edit for “The Mercy of the Other” series to be complete, and I think the way I will release them is behind the paywall, which is at this point imminent. Those of you who are unhappy with the content being released right now, I ask you to come back in January. Between now and then, I’ll do a few live episodes and release some pre-recorded material, but I intend to work on some technical issues (like the paywall) and get my head back in the game before the end of the current year.

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