Dec 12

Radical Agenda EP232 – Senator Zuckerberg

It looks like Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg may be looking to hold public office in the near future. Recently unsealed court records from a class action lawsuit filed by investors against Zuckerberg, reveal a string of text messages between him investor Mark Andreessen. In it, the pair discuss strategy for informing investors that Zuckerberg intended to seek a position of “government service” with the concern that such an announcement might cause them to panic. They discussed a two year term, indicating a possible house run. Considering Zuckerberg’s influence however, I suspect he may be more inclined to the US Senate and perhaps a future bid from there to the White House.

Radical Agenda EP232 - Senator Zuckerberg

Radical Agenda EP232 – Senator Zuckerberg

Facebook of course has been at the center of considerable controversy over the social media site’s obvious liberal bias, and has recently joined Hillary Clinton in a war against “fake news” without any real definition of what constitutes fake. Clearly they are not referring to the MSNBC, CNN, New York Times, Washington Post style of fake news that left their audiences completely unprepared for president-elect Donald Trump’s victory last month. Rather, the shadowy algorithms of the world’s most popular media site would need to be altered to take sides on issues, deciding for the user what point of view they will be fed.

If Zuckerberg finds himself wielding government power, we can expect similar agendas to be pushed. Moreover, it would be astoundingly naive to think Zuckerberg would not use the propaganda power of his social media company to further those agendas, and to pursue the political power necessary to implement them.

The revelation comes as Michael Moore suggests in the wake of Trump’s victory, that Democrats should run Oprah Winfrey or Tom Hanks for president in 2020. It seems more and more like media and Hollywood types (you know, those people), are preparing to cut out the middle man and just take control of the government themselves, as opposed to their time honored strategy of leveraging their propaganda power for leftist politicians.

Sadly for them, that charade was blown out of the water for roughly half the western world during this election cycle. Leftist television networks and newspapers proved impotent against a groundswell of right wing populist sentiment sweeping western civilization that saw Britain decide to leave the European Union, and America to elect a billionaire mercantilist as president. The weapons of the information war are changing, and while the playing field is far from level, the sheer determination of the good guys is beginning to pay off.

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