Dec 19

Radical Agenda EP235 – War on Christmas

I never took the whole “war on Christmas” thing seriously. From the moment I took an interest in politics following September 11th 2001, I always viewed it as America’s religious majority trying to impose their faith upon the rest of the country. When I got involved in libertarianism in 2009, I was just as frustrated with the “religious right” as I was with the big government left and I was eager to take them both on simultaneously.

Radical Agenda EP235 - War on Christmas

Radical Agenda EP235 – War on Christmas

I remember at one point when I was running for Congress in New York, another candidate and I were at a Campaign for Liberty meeting in Long Island. He got up in front of the audience and said the constitution guaranteed freedom of religion, not freedom from religion. I remember being quite outraged by this, thinking that the implication was I could choose to be a Christian, Jew, Muslim, or what have you, but I could not simply lack religion. It took 8 years of Barack Obama and the complete unmasking of the left that it brought forward, for me to appreciate the distinction between freedom of religion, and freedom from religion.

The so called “war on Christmas” is a function of the leftist freedom from position. It is not only that the State cannot impose religion on you, it must also protect you in some meaningful way from religious influence. That is to say, the State must diminish the influence of religion on the society until there is no more of it. Freedom from religion has nothing to do with a right to be left alone. It has nothing to do with personal autonomy, freedom of speech, freedom of association, or freedom of conscience. It most certainly is not about reason, or science. It is State atheism, or more accurately, the Cult of the Omnipotent State crushing all competitors.

It begins as it always does. Social pressure ranging from snide remarks and ridicule, to organized protests, complaint campaigns, and boycott threats. From there the opposition is silenced, and they move on immediately to government force.

College campuses are often where the first and most radical changes take place. Like Missouri State University, they issued a list of “holiday decoration guidelines” warning faculty that it would “generally be inappropriate” to display items such as “a cross,” “drawings of Jesus or Mohammed,” “the Nativity Scene,” and “the Bible or Koran” in common areas of the university. State University of New York at Brockport says that students and faculty ought to choose “culturally sensitive holiday decorations” that are “general and non-specific to any religion.”

This all seems innocent enough to most people I suppose. Surely, most think, this is just about making everyone feel comfortable and not alienating anyone, right? Well, if that’s the case, then why are students signing a petition at University of Virginia, to outright ban Christmas altogether on the campus? What is this, Somalia?

I can’t say that I believe in a deity, but I really don’t want to call myself an atheist anymore. These people are not fighting for the truth, they are not spreading enlightenment or rationality. These people are communists who want the State to force a godless religion upon all of us until it results in our extinction. And this is really what the title was about in “The Mercy of the Other”. I saw someone on Facebook say they respected Muslims as a group more than Christians. I told her I hoped she found herself surrounded by one, begging for the mercy of the other. Later that evening I realized I’d put myself in the same position, if only we swapped Muslims for Atheists…

So if there is to be a war on Christmas, I’d rather like to fight in that war. Any excuse to slaughter leftists, of course, but entertaining the idea of an omnipotent deity guiding my muzzle and welcoming me to paradise should I fall, sounds especially nice.

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