Dec 21

Radical Agenda EP236 – Counter Resolutions

MTV released a video titled “MTV 2017 New Years Resolutions for White Males” and shockingly enough, it never made a single mention of white men improving themselves at all. Instead, it seems to suggest that the top goal for white males in 2017 ought to be making accommodations for people who want us to no longer exist. I’ve been checking the MTV Twitter feed since Monday waiting to see if their suggestions for Jewish women or black males or transgendered Latinos shows up, but none have been forthcoming.

Radical Agenda EP236 - Counter Resolutions

Radical Agenda EP236 – Counter Resolutions

I think that’s kind of unfortunate. Every racial and gender group needs a primer on how to get along with other races and genders, and what better time to issue one than in the New Year after a very divisive presidential election?

Women for example, should learn to understand their sexual market value and deal accordingly with men. Pretending that your lady parts are so special and unique that they need to be held as sacred and protected by all the forces of the State does not coincide with using drugs in night clubs and allowing strangers to penetrate your every orifice. You cannot continue to treat yourselves (and us) like garbage, and expect everyone else to treat you like a princess.

As for God’s chosen people, perhaps you could say thanks once in awhile for the protections that whites provide you with. I think “thanks for giving us a country!” should be on the lips of every chosenite. That little nation surrounded by enemies that you have over there would not exist without us, of course. Yet, we go through all of this trouble to give you a country, we die by the thousands fighting wars for you, we chastise our own if they say anything even remotely negative about you, and you repay us by peddling communist filth to our children.

As for black people, I want to start off by saying I really appreciate all that you’ve done for America. The First 48 is a fantastic show and if you weren’t running around murdering one another for no reason whatsoever, and then confessing like idiots, we would have missed out on many hundreds of hours of entertainment. More importantly, for every one of your fellow blacks that you kill, dozens of potential black children are prevented from coming into this world, and I’m sure even you can agree that this is a noble goal. So I’m not going to sit here and tell you to stop committing half of America’s violent crime. That’s a ridiculous request that we all know you’re incapable of granting. Instead might I simply suggest, in the interests of racial harmony, that you refrain from committing crimes against whites.

Moving forward to our Hispanic friends, I should firstly say that I totally understand your desire to come to the United States. This is a great place with great opportunity, and it used to be full of great people. Sadly, we’re basically to a point where low quality people are exceeding the number of high quality people, and this is causing us to squander the resources that those greater people worked so hard to acquire. Surely you have some concept of what this is like, since you turned all your countries into crime ridden communist cesspools. So as much as I would like to see a taco truck on every corner, I’m afraid we’re just going to have to survive on Freedom Fries and Apple Pie in your absence, while you straighten out your own countries.

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