Dec 23

Radical Agenda EP237 – Gifts

The Berlin terror trucker is neatly wrapped up in an Italian morgue just in time for the Christmas weekend. The United States Federal Government is about to take a hard shift rightward. Liberals are losing their sex drive, and stockpiling small arms and non-perishable foods for fear of their lives. Britain voted to leave the European Union. I’ve managed to acquire a respectable firearms collection. I’m still alive, and you’re still listening to me.

Radical Agenda EP237 - Gifts

Radical Agenda EP237 – Gifts

I’ve had my complaints about this year. Surely there were enough to be had by all, and some of us more than others, shall we say. If given the opportunity however, I cannot say that I’d rather be alive during any other point in history. I’m grateful for my experiences. In a sick sort of way, I kind of appreciate the hardest ones the most. In that sense, 2016 may have been the greatest year of my life even if all these good things didn’t happen, but sure enough, they did.

I know this kind of sounds more like a New Year talk than a Christmas one. I know that we’ve got a week and a day before that point comes. As I was going through the headlines this morning though, I couldn’t help but feel like I had been, blessed, for lack of a better term. I’ve pondered a great deal about identity over this year and while most of this pertained to race, nation, and factions of political movements, the last three weeks have drawn my attention to religion.

I’m not claiming to now have faith in a deity, though I confess I very much want to. Rather, I have been compelled to appreciation for the positive role it has played in human society, and come to regret my lack of it. Someone told me recently that there is no such thing as a happy atheist, and while I can understand people’s objection to such a broad statement, I think I kind of know what he means.

I’ve often felt as though I was working toward a higher purpose than myself, but my view of the world sort of suggests that this is impossible. For as long as I’ve bothered to think about it, I’ve been convinced that all human action is selfish. As if we were just a bunch of organisms seeking the most resources with the least effort like any mammal, insect, or fish. Perhaps that’s true, and theoretically knowledge of this need not disrupt our enjoyment of our experiences, but it does at times make me envy people who see things as more, magical…

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