Dec 26

Radical Agenda EP238 – Live from Mohegan Sun

I went to New York to see my family for Christmas, and was quickly reminded of why I had stopped going there in the first place. I may discuss that in more detail another time, but for now I’d rather not make that the topic of discussion. I left Christmas morning and was heading back home to New Hampshire, when it occurred to me that stopping off at the Indian Casino in Connecticut might be more enjoyable than dodging drunk drivers in Christmas day traffic. Perhaps someday I can give a more interesting story as to why I’m doing a show from Mohegan Sun, but that’s what I’ve got for now.

Radical Agenda EP238 - Live from Mohegan Sun

Radical Agenda EP238 – Live from Mohegan Sun

Luckily, my Christmas was still a lot better than that of those living in the warzone of Chicago. A total 43 people were shot, 11 fatally over the Christmas weekend. Which is weird because Chicago tries really hard to keep their crime rate down by shielding illegal immigrants from federal law, and disarming the law abiding populace. I suppose the real problem is racist white cops oppressing the downtrodden black man.

The fairer sex didn’t do so well over the weekend either. Some of you may recall some discussion of an all female ride sharing app like a gender specific Uber or Lyft. This was supposed to cut down on all the violence and sexual harassment women suffer at the hands of patriarchal male passengers and drivers. Sadly however, Kiona Thomas, 25, of Roslindale, Massachusetts didn’t seem to get the memo. She was accused of stabbing a woman during an altercation on Christmas night near the Franklin Park Zoo, and arrested for assault with intent to murder, said Boston police Officer Rachel McGuire.

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