Dec 28

Radical Agenda EP239 – Shambles

The news today doesn’t give me much of a running theme, but the world is a total mess.

Lena Dunham posed as a topless mermaid, and regardless of how repulsive the imagery may be, the ADL still refuses to call it hate speech.

Radical Agenda EP239 - Shambles

Radical Agenda EP239 – Shambles

Ron Paul has proven that he is completely senile by saying to Newsmax that “Voters Won’t Be Fooled Again” Apparently he has forgotten all those years he’s spent in government, while voters were fooled more reliably than an AK-47 shoots.

“Rowdy teens” whose racial background the Washington post didn’t see fit to mention, are brawling in shopping malls and posting it to snapchat. Not to be outdone, somebody calling themselves superman beat another man to death, and posted his final moments to snapchat.

Germany wants to fine Facebook $522,000 per day a fake news story is allowed to remain on the social network, though no mention was made of banning the Washington Post, the New York Times, or MSNBC.

Bipartisan opposition has arisen to a march planned in Whitefish, Montana in support of Richard Spencer and his mother, Sherry.  The governor and attorney general, among others, have suggested that religious intolerance will not be tolerated anywhere in Whitefish, or in Montana, or in the United States. Sadly, they have no power to stop us from marching through the streets, and the permissive open carry laws of Montana should leave us well prepared for any resistance we might meet. Yes, I said we, I want to go.

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