Radical Agenda EP242 – Shut Up, Meg

Friday will be the happiest day in my sorry excuse for a media career. Megyn Kelly will host her final episode of “The Kelly File” on Fox News before heading over to NBC with the other communists where she belongs. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Radical Agenda has outlasted The Kelly File, and I invite you all to join with me in celebrating, because I literally could not have done this without your help.

Radical Agenda EP242 - Shut Up, Meg

Radical Agenda EP242 – Shut Up, Meg

In case you were just born last week, Megyn Kelly is the host of Fox’s 9pm Eastern news commentary show, The Kelly File. Megyn made herself a campaign issue during the election by attempting to paint Donald Trump as a misogynist. She then had the audacity to spend the rest of the campaign season playing the victim since people were mean to her on Twitter.

That’s right, believe it or not, people who didn’t like a Fox News host actively helping Hillary Clinton actually used dirty words on the Internet. Which is proof of the patriarchal stranglehold of masculine oppression on our society. That’s why Megyn needs feminism, and so do you. [Insert vomit sound here] [Followed by self inflicted gunshot]

Kelly purportedly asked for $25 million to continue hosting the show, and shockingly enough Fox News figured they could actually afford someone with talent and an understanding of public policy for that kind of money. I suspect her next job will be doing cam shows with Rachel Maddow on PornHub, which would likely see an initial flood of traffic as obese people everywhere look for inspiration to vomit. However, the position (pun intended) is likely to result in a significant paycut for both lesbians.

In other news, get ready to make America sick again! License, registration, and pronouns, please. Tell the Russians we’re coming. Oh, and why isn’t the Democratic party freaking out about the hack attacks on Drudge?

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