Radical Agenda EP245 – Golden Farewell Showers

Here at the Radical Agenda, we’re often shocked at just how often we’re shocked, which is shocking because we’re not easily shocked. Last night as I struggled to sleep I figured I would wake up to the media pouring over Barack Obama’s farewell address, which was basically the non-white version of RaHoWa. I hadn’t seen a speech this racially divisive since Weev from the Daily Stormer joined us for episode 243.

Radical Agenda EP245 - Golden Farewell Showers

Radical Agenda EP245 – Golden Farewell Showers

That alone would be enough to pack an episode of the show, but instead my top story was about the Russian government blackmailing Donald Trump over playing watersports with Siberian prostitutes. If that sounds ridiculous, that’s only because it is. What seems to have actually occurred, is that someone from 4chan wrote some “fanfiction” about Donald Trump and while claiming to be an anonymous former British intelligence agent, gave it to a liberal reporter in a Word document without so much as bothering to run a spellcheck on the damn thing. The ever so diligent Lügenpresse over at Buzzfeed News decided to publish this lunacy, even while acknowledging that parts of the report were verifiably inaccurate, you know, just so the American people could make up their own minds. Rumor has it they will be presenting a groundbreaking story about the fake news epidemic later this evening.

Somehow in the course of all this lunacy, we’ll try to discuss the Jeff Sessions confirmation hearings as well. Shockingly enough, Democrats have attempted to label him a racist in order to prevent his confirmation. You would think anyone with an IQ higher than that of a sub Saharan African would have realized after the presidential election that this tactic was more played out than the Macarena, but Democrats have never been known for their intellect, nor their ability to connect with mainstream America.

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