Radical Agenda EP246 – Friday the 13th

Here at the Radical Agenda, we’re not much for superstition. So the idea that some arbitrary date could hold universal misfortune for the whole of humanity, over and over and over again, seems pretty ridiculous. These things are sort of like rain dancing. To make it work, you just dance until it rains.

Radical Agenda EP246 - Friday the 13th

Radical Agenda EP246 – Friday the 13th

I mean, sure feminists are knitting pink hats in effigy of their vaginas to protest Trump, but on what day aren’t feminists obsessing about their genitals like a bunch of poo flinging monkeys? Sure, 4 year olds are being forced to play gay spin the bottle, but communists forcing homosexuality on children isn’t even controversial anymore. Even transgenders are so 2016. To really be edgy in the current year, you have to go straight to pedophilia. And yeah, people are literally complaining about “food racism” but on the bright side, this might just cause the communists to starve themselves.

Speaking of transgenders, Ron Paul, Dennis Kucinich, and Julian Assange are all going to bat for Bradley Manning, saying that he should be released from prison after releasing nearly 3/4 million secret military documents. Interestingly, we don’t hear nearly as much noise about the sailor who was imprisoned for taking pictures of a submarine. Maybe he should mutilate his genitals and demand some estrogen shots, so that his lucky day will finally arrive.

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