Radical Agenda EP248 – Catch Up

It’s been quite a week. I hit the road last weekend to debate Adam Kokesh on the merits of diversity and leftist nonsense in general, but sadly it turned into more of a verbal assault on my old chosenite friend. Everything from Adam’s effort to frame the debate as “Love vs. Hate” right down to his petty insults and misuse of colorful metaphors just served as garnish on the heaping plate of intellectual whoop ass I served him in front of a sizeable live audience.

Radical Agenda EP248 - Catch Up

Radical Agenda EP248 – Catch Up

I also had the pleasure of meeting up with Augustus Invictus for two separate recordings. One you may have already seen in Radical Agenda EP247, which turned out to be a freestyle two hour discussion which varied wildly in terms of topic. The second I have not yet released, but upon Augustus’s final editorial approval, will likely become episode one of Radical Relationships. Augustus walked me through nearly his entire romantic history, which turned out to be a very exciting story involving threesomes, infidelity, and magik.

Then Donald Trump got sworn in, while communists rioted in the street with anarchist flags, or just cried like snowflakes in an oven. Gavin McInnes got in a fist fight, Richard Spencer got sucker punched, Lauren Southern got rocks thrown at her, Cassandra Fairbanks got yelled at by her comrades, and someone got shot outside a Milo speech.

Then a bunch of communists with vagina hats got bussed into Washington by those ghouls who sell baby parts. Amongst their demands included free abortion on demand without restriction, and end to period shaming, and of course, a continuation of the half a billion dollars a year the United States Federal Government hands over to America’s largest abortion clinic. Some plotted to blow up the white house, others just wanted to talk about their genitals, but everybody knows what they really want is a strong man to slap them back into their natural subservient state so they could get back to making babies and sandwiches.

But at the end of the day, leftists can wear vagina hats, riot, shoot people, break windows, set themselves on fire, call us racists/misogynists/homophobes, and scream about some imagined set of positive “rights” until they are blue in the face. It won’t do them a damn bit of good, because with every crime they commit, epithet they hurl, and idiotic stunt they pull, more and more people are realizing that physical removal is the only answer, and the time for talk is over. I have never been prouder to be a heterosexual white American male entrepreneur.

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