Radical Agenda EP249 – Mentally Ill

Paul Krugman has abandoned what little effort he used to make at seeming credible. The Nobel Prize winning left wing economist tweeted at 3:34 a.m. Monday morning that Americans are witnessing for the first time, “a president who was obviously mentally ill the moment he took office.”

Radical Agenda EP249 - Mentally Ill

Radical Agenda EP249 – Mentally Ill

His sentiments are not his alone, of course. Leftists have acted completely confused about nearly everything Trump has said and done. They have predicted his failure at every turn, and acted shocked after each success. These are the people, mind you, who think Barack Obama was a great president with no scandals who saved the US economy from ruin.

They are seeing Trump now, the same way we’ve seen them for 8 years. We look at each other’s words and deeds and think we’re witnessing the other go insane, because we see the world in fundamentally different ways.

Leftists tell us they want diversity, and equality, at the same time. They tell us that we are racists while they consider making Sally Boynton “shut other white people down” Brown the new Chair of the DNC. They gave Barack Obama the Nobel Peace Prize right before he multiplied the armed conflicts of the previous administration. They cheered on MSNBC and CNN, then blamed “fake news” for Hillary Clinton’s many crimes being exposed by independent journalists.

If they think this is what sane people do, no wonder they think we’re crazy.

Now for the really disturbing part. These people wouldn’t be alive without us.

Everything the left proposes is destruction. They intervene in and provoke foreign conflicts which bring no benefit to the United States, and they take half measures in conflicts which threaten our existence. They expand internal surveillance, while leaving our borders open to any external element which might like to pay us a visit. They transfer money from the productive, to the absolute most dysgenic elements of our society. They expand government into every aspect of our lives, then make police terrified to enforce the law.

If they want to organize their lives this way, then I’d politely suggest we no longer share a system of government. Because, call me crazy, but I don’t think that government is going to bring a great deal of happiness to its citizenry, and I’d far prefer to not share in their fate. But they will never allow that to happen, because the second the right and the left are using separate bank accounts, the left is going to starve to death or die rioting in the street.

There can be no compromise. We’re not even speaking the same language anymore. Physical removal is the only answer.

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