Radical Agenda EP262 – Sit Down

Donald Trump does a better job of controlling the media by screwing with their egos, than Hillary Clinton did by actually coordinating with them. Yesterday, the God Emperor smacked reporters around like a cat playing with a mouse for almost an hour and a half in a spontaneous press conference. He derided them as “fake news” and “dishonest people” while accurately predicting their portrayal of the event as hallucinatory, even as he coherently responded to their questions without the benefit of having them leaked to him in advance, like some people…

Radical Agenda EP262 - Sit Down

Radical Agenda EP262 – Sit Down

A curly haired gentleman with a peculiar hat attempted to portray America as the 110th country his people would be expelled from. He was quickly instructed to sit down and be quiet. The implication of course, was that Donald Trump is fueling a neo-Nazi movement that poses a threat to the people who control the media and banking industries. The fact that his daughter married a Jew, converted to Judaism, and is raising her children Jewish, or that she and her Jewish husband both have serious influence in the administration, somehow fails to disprove the theory. Trump rightly dismissed him as a race baiting liberal saboteur, and the accusations of antisemitism predictably came pouring in to confirm the theory.

The idea that Donald Trump is fueling a rise in Nazism are preposterous, but this kind of reaction to his presidency is certainly causing a lot of people to take notice of the demographic problems in their politics. When you have an opportunity to ask the President of the United States a question, and your go-to instinct is to call him a racist, there is something very wrong with you. When nearly 75% of the members of a group exhibit this same type of behavior, you would have to be incapable of math to think there wasn’t something very wrong with this group. If it is true that there is a rise in “antisemitism” in the United States, this kind of display is why.

The Democratic Party, their allies in the media, and remnants of the previous administration embedded in the judicial and intelligence apparatus, are conspiring to overthrow the President of the United States. When intelligence agencies are recording the phone calls of American citizens, and leaking that information to the press to destabilize the President’s cabinet, the country has a problem. It has profoundly negative impacts on the President’s capacity to govern domestically, and to negotiate with foreign leaders. That combined with the courts obstructing the President’s authority to secure our borders, is tantamount to inviting an invasion upon the nation.

Surely there are fewer Nazis supporting Donald Trump than non-Nazis. So if one were to try and make the case that Donald Trump was fueling a Nazi movement, one could more easily make the case that curly haired folks with peculiar hats are fueling war against the United States. If that is the case, then it should come as no surprise that such a group would lose favor with the citizens of the country. You can call that antisemitism if you want, but you should keep in mind when you do, that this makes antisemitism the only alternative to the destruction of one’s nation.

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