Radical Agenda EP263 – My President’s Day

For most of us here in the United States, today is President’s day. It’s an opportunity to skip work and reflect on the best and worst who have managed to occupy that old building there on Pennsylvania Avenue in DC. For others, today is “Not My President’s Day” and it represents an opportunity to whine about losing an election.

Radical Agenda EP263 - My President's Day

Radical Agenda EP263 – My President’s Day

It is one of many opportunities provided to us to prove beyond all reasonable doubt that leftists are conniving manipulative filth without a shred of decency to be shared between the whole lot of them. They champion democracy until it favors their opponents, then suddenly the legitimacy of the State as an institution comes into question, until they once again hold power, at which point any such questions become treason. We don’t need private firearms ownership you see, because the government would never become tyrannical, but Trump is literally Hitler and it’s time for a revolution the moment someone dares to slow to flood of immigrants into the United States.

This type of thing is why chemical and biological weapons were created. To handle these treasonous villains with conventional weapons would destroy the public infrastructure they hold their demonstrations upon. Releasing some kind of virus or nerve gas into such crowds, could effortlessly put an end to the problem of liberal oxygen consumption, without damaging anything of value. Mention this and people necessarily feel some compulsion to mention the constitution, but if the constitution held any sway I wouldn’t need a smartphone app to tell me where I can and cannot carry a firearm, so I say we break some eggs and have ourselves a snowflake omelette.

And speaking of people who need to be gassed, the International Students for Liberty Conference happened over the weekend. The communist uprising disguised as a libertarian event attracted the attention of Richard Spencer, who purportedly coined the term alternative right. Spencer is also the head of the National Policy Institute, which I don’t think I’m misrepresenting by describing as a white nationalist organization.

Spencer posted himself near the hotel bar and offered to take questions from attendees to the conference. As is predictably the case with leftists however, there were more threats of violence than questions hurled at Mr. Spencer. Before long, the archetypal cuck himself appeared on the scene to demand Richard’s expulsion. Jeffrey Tucker, whose wife supposedly left him for a black man some years back, declared that fascists were not welcome at the anti-fascist conference. He bravely stood on the other side of the room, surrounded by masked AntiFa violent criminals as he threatened to block Spencer on Twitter.

But perhaps the most telling of lines from the confrontation was Tucker’s recognition of an argument he usually seems to completely dismiss. Tucker told Spencer that were it not for “public accommodation laws” he would not even be permitted in the building. Inaccurate as this may have been in that particular incident, it displays knowledge of something most open borders libertarians would usually prefer not to acknowledge. Namely, that  most of the things they advocate for are made possible only by State policy and control of public resources.

Libertarians advocate ending so called “tragedy of the commons” scenarios by privatizing all resources. Privatized lands do not have open borders. Most property owners have no desire to fuel drug use or sexual deviancy. Certainly no libertarian system would subsidize the breeding and importation of unskilled foreigners with incompatible cultures. These are all made possible by government, but leftist “libertarians” are never deterred by this fact and call anyone who opposes their support of government policy some kind of arch statist supervillain. But this proves that they know the truth, and are acting out of malice rather than ignorance.

In other news, I think we got a dishonorable non-mention on the Tom Woods Show recently. Neo Nazis have invaded the furry community. “Jane Roe” the aliased plaintiff in the infamous Roe vs. Wade abortion case has died at the age of 69, leaving behind a legacy of pro-life activism. There’s a lot more to get to, plus your calls at 747-234-2254 or RadicalAgenda on Skype.

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