Radical Agenda EP265 – Fighting Fascism

Here at the Radical Agenda we really appreciate, amongst other things, humor and physical fitness. They say if you can make a woman laugh, you can make her do anything. If you’re strong enough, you can make anyone do anything. So be it by punching or punchlines, we always love making people’s sides hurt.

Radical Agenda EP265 - Fighting Fascism

Radical Agenda EP265 – Fighting Fascism

Our leftist counterparts, who are not particularly known for their martial prowess or sense of humor, seem to be picking up on this. Now that their democratic deity has failed them, their media propagandists have lost their credibility, and their incessant whining about offensive speech has been reduced to political white noise, they are seeking out new tactics.

Poncho Martinez, leader of the #SwoleLeft movement says “Leftists should be bigger than Republicans”. He trains about 30 liberal activists in powerlifting. “[Conservatives] thinks we’re weak, we’re snowflakes, we’re hiding in our safe spaces. That’s not the case,” one Martinez trainee said over Twitter. “Liberals are finally standing up for themselves. … If you’re a Nazi, you should be looking over your shoulder.”

You can see how they would think this to be so important. I mean, all of us should strive for strength and fitness, but for the left you can see it would be all that more important. They are surrounded by potheads, homosexuals, transgenders, and the few straight people left amongst them have bought into lies about toxic masculinity and tried to make themselves as effeminate as possible. Not to mention how evil and icky guns are to these types. Needless to say, they would never think about calling those racist police for protection!

Though I gotta say, I view this movement with a degree of skepticism. Strength training requires work, commitment, and drive, all things liberals are known to despise. There is no muscle redistribution program at the Department of Health & Human Services, and it seems federal handouts have become the primary means by which the American Left sustains itself. The idea that these communists would leave their bathhouses for an hour to hit the gym seems unlikely.

For those liberals averse to all this toxic testosterone, Jeffrey Tucker, the high priestess of effeminate leftists, has another suggestion. Humor. Realizing as he must that he is completely without a leg to stand on argument wise, Tucker suggests a 1930s comedy as a way to defeat fascism. Without any substance as to what a fascist is, or why fascists are wrong, Tucker simply asserts that laughing at them is the way to defeat them. Too bad he didn’t realize that when he hid behind masked AntiFa criminals and called the police on Richard Spencer. Perhaps next time “fascists” come and make a fool out of him in public, he will do a puppet show instead of relying on the State to physically remove people from the arbitrary geographical boundaries that form his conferences.

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