Radical Agenda EP268 – Extra

Here at the Radical Agenda,  we really enjoy our days off. However, sometimes the news is just breaking too fast for us to wait until the next regularly scheduled episode. After last night’s episode, I watched in amazement as MSNBC spent the entire night acting as if it had been proven beyond all doubt that Donald Trump was some kind of Russian plant who didn’t legitimately win the election. I woke up to Fox News covering the story as well, even if a bit more fairly, but the whole thing is still pretty ridiculous.

Radical Agenda EP268 - Extra

Radical Agenda EP268 – Extra

The claim is that Jeff Sessions met with a Russian ambassador when he was a US Senator. This is about as routine as a thing can be, but Al Franken asked him during his confirmation hearing for Attorney General if he had any meetings with Russian officials (in the context of Russian involvement in the election) and Sessions said no. Sessions now says he had the meeting, but that it had nothing to do with the campaign, and that he had meant this in the context of what was asked of him.

I can say objectively, that this is a non-issue. Same thing with Flynn. But now the Democrat party and their allies in the media are trying to make this out to be the corruption case of the century, with calls ranging from an investigating Sessions, to impeaching the President of the United States.

It is just one more example, in a long list of examples, that leftists are trying to topple the president by any means necessary. They will lie, cheat, steal, and murder to get their way, and they will have the full complicity of the media as they do so.

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