Radical Agenda EP269 – Kricket Slik & Darrell Young

Friday morning at around 4am I decided to do an impromptu episode of the program, addressing, amongst other things my ex girlfriend, and a gang member who has been threatening me (unrelated matters).

Radical Agenda EP270 - Kricket Slik & Darrell Young

Radical Agenda EP269 – Kricket Slik & Darrell Young

It centers largely around two emails I sent. Firstly, to my friendly local policeman, Steve Tenney. It reads as follows.

Hi Steve. Firstly, there is no immediate urgency to this message. In fact, I beg your pardon as I involve you in my work without your prior authorization. As you know, I generally find such things to be in poor taste.

I don’t mean to alarm you, but it has come to my attention that I’m being threatened by someone who may have followed through on a threat or two. Confident as I may be that everything will be fine, I thought it prudent to make this record. You will gather early on in the story, that I’m enjoying this, and I intend to make it public. I’ve been known to take some artistic license, but the facts here illustrated are true to the best of my knowledge.

His name is Darrell Young and I believe he presently resides in California, but he is known to travel and attend libertarian events. He used to work for a man by the name of Adam Kokesh, and while Adam was enjoying the hospitality of the authorities in the District of Columbia over a weapons related matter, I had the misfortune of getting acquainted with Mr. Young. He was publicly accused of taking a great deal of money from Mr. Kokesh in a dishonest fashion, and I believe some bank records with his name and signature were made public. I’d made some commentary about the matter on my website, and should the need arise it is searchable. At the time I believe Mr. Young may have come under the mistaken impression that I wanted to involve myself in this dispute, but seeing as to how I was not presently employed as a debt collector for Adam vs. The Man LLC, I saw no reason to do so and I informed him of this.

To the best of my knowledge he has never been prosecuted over this, and whether that is because he is innocent or he caused witnesses to remain silent is something I am unaware of. Mr. Kokesh has today informed me via SMS that Mr. Young is very dangerous, but he has declined to elaborate on the subject at the time of this writing. I have many disagreements with Mr. Kokesh, but I perceive him to be a very calculating man, as those of his ethnicity have been known to be. However ignorant he may appear of certain dangers, I suspect he is very capable of determining whether or not a man is to be taken seriously.

I know this may sound difficult to believe, but Mr. Young is black and has some disagreements with my views on race relations in America today. Equally as surprising, he hasn’t seen fit to call in and debate the subject like a gentleman. Rather, he has taken to Facebook to tell me how he would love to trade in his six thousand dollar a week job, for the opportunity to have something I believe his people refer to as “beef”.

He rather flamboyantly brags about his gang affiliations. The Crips, specifically.

Were I a more refined individual, I might have taken this as an indicator that I should leave this man alone. However, my profession and notorious appetite for conflict has made it rather difficult for me not to continue insulting him in a way that could drive the best of white men to violence. As you’re entirely too well aware from our getting acquainted in the way we did, I’ve been known to carry a pistol or two and though I recognize the severity of doing so, and will avoid it to the best of my ability, I am not above removing them from their holsters. People like Mr. Young make me very happy to be a resident of Keene, New Hampshire, where law enforcement understands that sometimes these things become necessary.

Should the necessity arise in the future, I hope this record will serve as some degree of evidence that however abrasive I may appear in the course of my work as an entertainer, I’m very much hoping that this matter passes by with all the insignificance of Mr. Young’s many packs of menthol cigarettes.

I’m not certain what if any obligations this information confers on a man in your position, but I’m not asking you for anything presently, other than to make sure nobody catches you laughing at the obviously true nature of my racist humor.

The second email was to the ex-girlfriend, Kricket Slik. As I mention in the show, I wouldn’t normally think it appropriate to go airing the dirty laundry of an ex girlfriend. I felt compelled to do this though, because I fear she might be dangerous to others, and because she decided to betray my secrets to the public repeatedly.

Oh, and don’t stop listening. Ever. Watch my life improve while your youth and beauty and all the other things you’ve done nothing to earn fade from existence. You’re the archetypal pretty girl who died surrounded by garbage and cats.

You know I’m not lacking in awareness of my own flaws. With thousands of people pointing them out all day, that would be rather difficult. The difference is, I PUT THE FUCKING EFFORT IN TO FIX THEM INSTEAD OF RUNNING AWAY WHEN THINGS GET DIFFICULT!

You think I owe you an apology? You should fucking pay me to insult you. That’s where you stand in this fucking equation, and sadly, it’s going to require that you irretrievably lose all of your money and fertility before you realize how insignificant your stupid fucking demands are.

I followed up with;

You tore my fucking heart out, you killed my child, you destroyed my sobriety, and those were credit, not debit cards I was using, much of the time I spent trying to please you. It’s fucking astonishing how much time you spend listening to men like me without ever contemplating the fuckin damage that you leave in your wake. You just say shitty things to better people than you and amuse yourself by taking what undeserved attention it brings you. It really is profoundly pathetic and as much as it pains me to say this, you’ve caused me to seriously reconsider my stance on abortion. Of all the many things I am grateful for in this world – presently – numero fucking uno, is that you don’t have a god damn hostage right now.

We also had some calls, it was a fun show.

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