Radical Agenda EP272 – Without A Woman

Justice is a bullet through every pink hat. Today is “international women’s day” and to celebrate, communists have taken the day off of work. This was only minimally disruptive, because most of these people don’t actually provide any value. The overpriced babysitters of the public school system have caused a few schools to close for the day, and of course it is too much to expect they would be disciplined for causing this shutdown, but other than that I think the most annoying part is the television coverage.

Radical Agenda EP272 - Without A Woman

Radical Agenda EP272 – Without A Woman

These types of demonstrations always crack me up. Speaking as a man with a profound appreciation for women, I feel comfortable saying that this does nothing to make us fear losing them. If you want to block traffic in Washington DC while wearing a pink hat, because a TV star let slip that women let him grab them by the pussy, you’re probably the type of women that men like me spend our entire lives trying to avoid.

All these cries of oppression are growing rather tired. All we’re saying is, ladies, we don’t think it is a particularly good idea for you to sterilize yourselves and murder your children. We’re cognizant of the studies which show you’re happier as housewives than you are when you spend your entire existence trying to be more like men.

We know better than you, and that’s why we spent most of eternity controlling your lives. This recent trend of letting you think for yourselves, obviously has you more confused and miserable than ever before, so I hope you’ll understand if we take control of the situation once again and stop asking your opinions about politics.

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