Radical Agenda EP273 – Patriarchal Sport

Feminists blame a lot of things on the patriarchy. This is understandable in some sense, because men do in fact run the world. We always have, we always will, and anything women are doing in societies which think themselves quite progressive, they are doing because men have permitted them to.

Radical Agenda EP273 - Patriarchal Sport

Radical Agenda EP273 – Patriarchal Sport

I used to get annoyed when feminists complained about this phenomenon, because obviously men endure horrific suffering in this world. We are almost all of the war casualties, even as noncombatants, we are almost all of the prison population, we work the most dangerous jobs, this list could get kind of long.  However, just because we’re getting screwed, doesn’t mean our gender is not the ruling gender.

The problem only really arises when we allow women to influence our opinions while we exercise our rule. They are clearly not suited to the purpose for a host of reasons, but I’ll just point out one as an example to start the show off. A feminist screed which appeared upon the pages of The Establishment, claims debate is a “patriarchal sport” dominated by “cis white men” least likely to be negatively impacted by the outcomes of political discussions. (The author appears unaware who is paying the taxes in America)

She is running with a familiar theme, that reason itself is a white male construct. They literally view the idea of separating emotion from logic as oppressive white male thinking. These types of things are the reasons you can’t debate with leftists. They literally view reason itself as an oppressive system designed by white males to stop every other demographic from succeeding. This might sound ridiculous, but in a sense you could say they were correct.

The reason white males dominate everything is specifically because reason is natural to us, and the reason everyone else wants what we have, is because they haven’t internalized this worldview. Reason is the best interpretation of reality available today, and those who adopt it succeed over those who do not, this produces inequality, and that upsets egalitarians.

Now if we could just begin applying reason to this problem, perhaps we could solve a problem or two. If we think ourselves so enlightened, how much longer before we stop asking unreasonable people for their opinions?

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