Radical Agenda EP274 – Demographic Revolution

Here at the Radical Agenda, we’ve found ourselves compelled to become cognizant of demographics in a way few could have predicted just a couple of years ago. Perhaps you’ve been with us on this journey all along, or perhaps you’ve only turned in as a result, but I imagine either way you have known the simultaneous fear and optimism that comes with becoming aware of these things. It affixes a new lens to one’s worldview that seems to bring the world, and politics in particular, into greater focus. Things make much more sense when the world is viewed as groups of warring tribes, as opposed to the “diversity is our strength” narrative being fed only to the target demographic of this audience.

Radical Agenda EP274 - Demographic Revolution

Radical Agenda EP274 – Demographic Revolution

I never much cared for Democrats, or left wingers in general. Well before I became a helicopter enthusiast, I just viewed them as weak and pathetic and not very much fun to be around. As I became more entrenched ideologically, I began to notice that many people I had disliked previously, turned out to be leftists well after I had decided to hate them. I began to notice what I could only describe as ferret like facial features in them, and I suspect I could win a contest of picking Democrats out of a crowd. Once one can spot them as an outsider, physically removing them from the environment is the only logical next step.

That’s why liberals are screaming fascist at everyone right of Elizabeth Warren, because they’re absolutely correct. Once one gets to realizing where the sources of their problems stem from, eliminating those sources of conflict is as certain as any sunrise.

Americans were luckier than most of us can possibly comprehend to have elected Donald Trump. Not only did we dodge the prospect of a third world war under the leadership of a corrupt female Democrat who hates her own country, the resulting shock of our victory has caused our leftist opponents to abandon any effort to appear reasonable.

Recently, Jorge Ramos, a rich white Mexican citizen, and notorious shill for third world immigration into the United States, appeared on Tucker Carlson tonight. During the show, he declared that white people would become a minority in the United States, that the United States was no longer a white country, and that a “demographic revolution” was underway in the United States. Given that this “revolution” is foreign in its origin, you might reasonably conclude that this was more of an invasion. Jorge however assures us, that saying so would be racist.

In other news, Gavin McInnes went to Israel. Did he cuck, or go full 1488? Is there anything in between? University students demand Plato be removed from a philosophy syllabus because he’s white. Paul Ryan cries wolf, and of course your calls at 747-234-2254 or RadicalAgenda on Skype.

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