Radical Agenda EP278 – Auction

Seems like everything is up for sale these days. Nothing is sacred, really. The correlation between who spends the most on a campaign, and who wins an election is staggering. The same corporations regulators claim to be keeping in check, often end up in control of those regulatory agencies, shaping regulations to suit their purposes while suppressing competition. The list of things that money can buy could obviously get longer than anyone would be interested in listening to, but you get the idea. Nothing is above the influence of money, and anything that claims to be, is probably trying to do something extra nefarious.

Radical Agenda EP278 - Auction

Radical Agenda EP278 – Auction

About the only thing you’re not allowed to buy and sell these days is human beings. Long gone are the good ole days when you just purchased laborers up front. Today, you have to buy the labor from the laborers (who are often too stupid to negotiate price), and there are an ever increasing number of backwards rules making that more difficult by the day.

So it should come as no surprise that some desire a return to the older, simpler model of the labor market. If that is our purpose, then what better place to start than at a historically black university?

Well that’s just what an unnamed white professor at Howard University attempted to do, sorta. The professor was reportedly teaching a lesson on Frederick Douglass’ slave narrative, and during the course of it he asked one of two black men in the class to step forward and become the prize of a mock slave auction. He reportedly asked the black student to stand up because he looked “healthy” and “like the type of slave buyers would look for.” Even more shocking was the student said he was asked to “turn around so we can see your buttocks” so the class could get a better sense of how much he was worth. That is when he said the class spoke up in disgust and he sat down.

The professor evaluated the young bull’s auction value at $400.

Now, I can understand the sensitivity involved in these matters. For a long time, human beings have tried to accept blacks as part of the team, and no matter how many times they prove this impossible, everyone just keeps on trying. We can dance around the emotional toll of the whole thing all we want, but the dollars are what make sense. Purchasing a black man for $400 and owning him until you dispose of him is obviously a far better investment than subsidizing their breeding in housing projects for the benefit of the Democrat party. Entirely too many of these wannabe people are consuming more than $400 in food stamps each month, not including housing subsidies, free cash, and other government goodies. We went from a time when you could purchase one outright for $400, and he did whatever you told him to do until he was dead, to a time when we throw multiple times this much at them on a monthly basis and they do nothing but commit crimes and demand more freebies.

No wonder it made the black student uncomfortable. Once you start trying to balance the books, the answer to our economic problems becomes rather obvious. Problems always hate being identified because they know it is only a matter of time before they are eliminated.

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